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Mobility & loyalty

Better insights to better business outcomes

Balam offers compact plug-and-play people counters for retail intelligence management. Accurately measure traffic inside your location, window conversion, shopper activity hours, engagement, loyalty index and more. Discover effectiveness of your strategies in real time.

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People Profiling & Behavior

Clear overview of your customer segments made simple.

Balam big data engine process economic, social, demographics and psychographic georeferenced information to deliver specific people profiles and segments of your target market. Simple and Real time visualizations empower you to tailor messages for your audience, manage location and expansion planning.

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Location Analytics

Big data to deliver big results.

Balam offers the technology to capture, process and visualize geographical information. Business intelligence analysts, account managers, marketing professionals, delivery and logistics supervisors can uncover trends and patterns with graphs, charts and maps. Track the mobility of your fleet, audience or the people who you care about.

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Communication Channels

Keep in touch with your audience

Use Balam People segmentation to serve target messages to each group based on demography, loyalty, profile, behavior, etc. Our solution allows you to communicate with them in a defined area (store, mall, plaza) or via social networks.

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Improving business strategies with data.

Data matters! More importantly Big Data matters and helps you create relevant solutions for your business. Balam has built a powerful and non-intrusive communication channel from your company directly to your audience.


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Our Technology won AngelHack 2013 and we will represent Mexico in the Global AngelHack on Silicon Valley next October 2014, We also won the European Union challenge FI-WARE 2014 and the Startup Bootcamp 2013 of the United States of America and Mexico Commission for the development of Science and Technology in Austin 2013.
500 startups is one of our investors.
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